There are so many small businesses struggling to stay afloat because of the pandemic. A Capital Region town is doing its best to make sure that its residents shop local and boost those struggling businesses.

The Town of Halfmoon has gotten creative and knows how important it is that residents and others in the Capital Region shop local. They have created a new initiative called "Loving that we live in Halfmoon-Shop our Local Businesses". The name may not be fancy, but the message is simple. In order to save the little guy, we all need to do our part and support small locally owned businesses.

According to News 10 ABC, the initiative launched on Monday and will run over the next few weeks. To see which small businesses are highlighted, you can visit the Halfmoon Town Facebook page or the Town of Halfmoon website. If you go to the Facebook page, you are encouraged to also share the small business that is highlighted. There will be something for everyone from food service, to retail, charities, and other small businesses in Halfmoon.

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Supervisor Kevin Tollisen said of the new initiative:

We encourage all of our Town residents, friends, and businesses to “share” our posts and to shop local- we need to keep our area businesses thriving. We will get thru these difficult times and we will be better and stronger TOGETHER.

I think it's another important reminder, no matter which Capital Region town you live in, to try as much as possible to shop local and support those local businesses. Those are the businesses that support our communities by sponsoring teams, helping local charities, and always giving back.


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