I remember when I was younger and groups like M.A.A.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and S.A.A.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) were at their peak, warnings against drunk driving were everywhere. I remember actually thinking maybe the message is too viral and no longer had the impact that it should. As of late however it seems more concern has been given to "distracted" driving which can be just as dangerous and fatal, but it makes me  worry that the message of not driving under the influence has been pushed too far outside of the public's consciousness.

It seems as I read the news stories each morning there has been way too many avoidable tragedies on our roadways. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is simply one of the most irresponsible and selfish choices a person can make. There are just too many ways to avoid even being in the position to make a bad choice like that.

Plan ahead! Bring a designated driver, book a hotel room, price out and call a cab in advance, rent a limo, call a friend or relative, or even stay at home.

I thank the Saratoga County Sheriff's Department for taking the time to make this public service announcement and for making a commitment to keeping our roadways safe  and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season