It's a fun time of year in the Capital Region! One of the premiere spots to walk, dine, shop, and be entertained is downtown Saratoga Springs, New York.

While on a recent stroll, I spotted street corner musicians, a kettle corn station, several happy dogs, horse statues, many people dining outside and the colorful display of sidewalk art! When you're walking the streets of downtown Saratoga look for 'Chalk on Broadway by Alexis.' Click here to see more of her work on Facebook. Hats off to another talented artist making our area shine.

According to Alexis' Facebook page there's a big reason she's out in the summer sun creating sidewalk art: "I am a local artist looking to pay my way through college by spread a little artistic beauty everywhere that I go. Through my drawings on the sidewalk, my goal is to broaden peoples minds regarding the definition of art, and to show that it exist everywhere, and not just behind the walls of a museum, and is something that every one of us has the ability to see an feel."

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