Losing a loved one is never easy but have you ever literally lost a deceased family member, friend or loved one? If you have we may have found them for you, in the woods.

There are nearly 4,000 hiking trails in New York State. Each of these trails has their challenges, beauty and adventure but one thing you would never expect to find is an urn containing someone's remains. The following story is a bit of a mystery that New York State Police would like your help solving.

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This is the story of Case# 10570961 or the case of the missing urn. According to the New York State Police Twitter page, a burial urn was recently discovered by hikers at Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pleasantville. These individuals were on the Stone Bridge Trail when they discovered the urn. See the picture below.


So how does an urn end up in the woods of New York State? Until the remains are returned we are just speculating. Maybe someone took the urn into the woods with the intention of burying it or spreading the ashes. Perhaps this is the decease's dying wish?

According to Lakeside Funeral Home, there is no law that prohibits the scattering of cremated remains on land BUT you need to have permission. One thing you won't get permission on is scattering ashes in lakes, rivers, etc.

The State Police are seeking the public’s assistance locating the friends and family belonging to this burial urn. If you think you can help call the New York State Police at (845) 677-7300.

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