Got to love road hogs -- especially when we get slammed with 6-inches of snow!  I was driving into work this morning and typically, even with a lot of snow, my commute is not that bad because I can take as much time as I want and I don't have to worry about anyone getting on my tail and putting pressure on me to speed things up.  However, this morning was a little bit different and it is not the first time I have experienced what I am about to tell you.

I was driving into work and I'm not afraid to admit that another part I like about my commute in the snow is I can drive more towards the middle of the road than the shoulder because there is hardly ever any oncoming traffic on the back roads.  This morning was different.  A stupid, road-hogging minivan with three cars following its lead, proceeded to hog the middle of the road (clearly driving into my lane) and wouldn't budge.  They finally moved back when I started flashing my highbeams at them!  How rude!  Just because they didn't want to chance sliding into the ditch to their right, they'd rather push me into the ditch to my right.


I was livid, obviously!  If you are going to drive towards the middle of the road to play it safe and no one else is effected by that -- fine, but if you see headlights approaching, have some decency to make your way back into your complete lane.  Don't jeopardize someone else's safety just because your scared of the shoulder.  Otherwise, stay home.

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