I wouldn't say that I am a big recreational gambler. I mean I am not a huge slot machine fan but I love to sit down and play a table game or two. So when the Rivers Casino opened, I even surprised myself that I hadn't checked it out.

I have been known to stay at a casino in Niagara Falls once a month or so when I am visiting my girlfriend's family. We stay there because we have amassed "free rooms". If you are unsure, to get the free room perk, you have to have gambled quite a bit in their casino. So there's that. I am not a high roller by any means, but I do enjoy making deposits at the blackjack and roulette tables.

Fast forward to today, 43 days after The River Casino's opening and I still haven't set foot in that place. It wouldn't be so bad, but EVERYONE I talk to asks if I have been there and then goes on to say how they can't believe that someone like me hasn't. I take it two ways, either they know what a table game gambler I am, or they think I have a problem and it's a good thing I haven't been yet. Now that I work here in Schenectady, don't worry guys, it's only a matter of time. Hit me!



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