I will preface this by saying that I thought this was the dumbest thing I've ever seen when I first clicked on this.  I'm wondering if you feel the same way.  Talk about technology invading every single facet of our lives.  This definitely takes the prize

Yes, the Japanese have done it again.  I found this in an article at MSN.com.  According to the writer:

Cogoo, a Japanese bike-sharing service, has created the Turntable Rider, a kit that turns your bike into a mobile turntable. Attaching the kit turns wheels into turntable jog wheels that attach to the rims.

Did this have a chance to sink in yet?  Your bicycle wheels become TURNTABLES, so when you ride down the street, you can be cranking your favorite tunes at the same time.  Check this out


So let's think about this.  You not only have people behind the wheel of their cars texting, making phone calls. blasting rap music out of their windows, and  generally not paying attention.  Now you have kids on their bikes more interested in getting the best music mix while they ride instead of watching the road.  Add to that pedestrians who have their iPods cranked up or their soon to be released Google glasses on.

You better have as great insurance plan or don't leave home!

Do you think that technology has gone too far?   Please leave your comments below.  (That's if you can take your headphones off and put down your iPhone long enough to respond!)


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