I had a blast doing this (like always).  Great information from you folks, by the way.  Ok, let's get to it, shall we?  A salute to Ghent, NY! 

The song choice for this? I'll let you see if you can figure it out.  When I got done with it, I don't think it sounded too much like the original, but the lyrics are the most important thing!

Took a ride to Ghent last nite
They have a Dairy Queen that's right
Great place to go and stay
Any time of day or nite
The Mother's Club Turkey Shoot
Great place to watch a tractor pull
Stone house
Whitestone cafe
I took a ride to Gent last Nite
Omni Hair salon
If your hair isn't gone
And if your car stops
Two repair shops
Buy some things at Trowbridge Angus farms
And a major player
Is Edgar the mayor
He waves in the street
To everyone he meets
Oh and by the way the town has no red light
I went to Ghent last nite
Very kid friendly, if you know what I mean,
big with Little League and Halloween,
Holiday parties in the town,
a nice safe place to hang around,
the Main Road is Route 66
Great place to get your kicks - it's Ghent-
One more thing, if you care,
They've got more cows than people there
Everybody follow me to Hudson Chatham Winery
(Here's a couple of shots provided by Holly Washburn - thanks, Holly!)
photo by Holly Washburn
photo by Holly Washburn

Thanks again to all for helping out with the information.  Have a town you'd like me to sing about?  Write your suggestions below!  Stay warm!