If you are a teacher, I  respectfully dedicate this song to you.  Having talked to many of you on my school tour, I realize the incredible pressure you must be under with these new Common Core standards, so I wrote you a little ditty for comic relief.   For those of you who don't know what Common Core  is all about (should that be capitalized? -and is "capitalized" spelled right? ) you can get all of the information here and  Bethany's very thorough article.

But in the meantime, here's my tribute to you.  Having had a stint as a teacher once, I feel your pain!  (lyrics under the picture)

Bad Teacher Photocall - London

Cure For The Common Core

                                               © 2013 Richie Phillips. All Rights reserved
I'm a teacher, I've gone berserk,
I'm into kids, not  paperwork
My head's been aching, my eyes are all red
Went to the doctor - here's what he said:
He said - "I've never seen such bloodshot eyes"
That's 'cuz every minute I'm scrutinized
Never had so much stress before
Ain't there a cure for the common core?
Ain't there a cure for the common core?
All they care about are scores scores scores,
The kids get homework, but I get more!
There has to be a cure for the common core
 My own son was in tears, that's right
Couldn't help him with his math last nite,
Pythagorean theorem? Sakes alive!
I wouldn't care, but he just turned 5!
It's something that we all despise
Always getting criticized
I think that they were ill-advised
Everything is standardized
Kids are in a flu like state,
All they do is study and regurgitate!
Ain't there a cure for the common core?
All they care about are scores scores scores
They keep saying that they know best
"Don't be creative
Just teach for the test!"
We can't take any more,
There's gotta be a cure
For the common core!!!
            Well, there you go - please leave comments below, and feel free to share this with every overworked teacher that you know!
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