Our teachers have been heroes throughout the pandemic and into this new school year. To honor our educators, McDonald's is giving them "thank you meals". These free breakfast meals are available to teachers, school staff, and administrators through October 15th.

The Teacher Thank-You Meals are put in a happy meal box and have a choice of a breakfast sandwich, hashbrowns, and a drink. All that is needed is a valid ID at participating McDonald's restaurants according to USA Today.

In 2020 McDonald's ran a similar "Thank You Meal" promotion for first responders including, firefighters, police, EMTs, and health care workers. The two-week campaign yielded over twelve million meals. Now it's the educators' turn to get their "Thank You Meals.

Owner and operator of eighteen McDonald's restaurants, Stefanie Cabrera Bentancourt is excited about honoring teachers.

I know this is something that's going to be so appreciated. Teachers have had to pivot and adapt during the pandemic. This is a big way of getting a big national spotlight on people that are really the backbone of every profession that exists.

There is also a social media campaign where McDonald's wants fans to honor teachers using the #ThankYouMeal on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram throughout the promotion. McDonald's will spotlight some of the best messages and highlight those teachers and surprise them with free breakfast delivery at their schools.

You can get your free Thank You Meal in the drive-thru or inside the restaurants once per day with a valid ID. Keep in mind that breakfast usually ends at 10:30 am.

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