The arts....Oh man, could I do 50 blogs on THIS subject.  When in doubt, just feel free to chop it out of the school curriculum without giving it a second thought.  It wasn't that important anyway (excuse me while I wipe up the dripping sarcasm). However, there is a bright light in this depressing tunnel— the Arts Center of the Capital Region, located in downtown Troy.

I was looking for subjects to cover for the segment that I do each week on Capital Region Sunday, an interview program that airs on our stations each Sunday morning at 6 a.m. and repeated on our websites as well.
I googled "Capital Region Arts" and this is what came up.  On a whim, I contacted the center and got in touch with Elizabeth Reiss, the CEO. She agreed to an interview, and it was really eye-opening in terms of what this facility has to offer in terms of both education and entertainment. They have everything from exhibits to classes and camps, along with rental space and many events as well. You can read all about them right here
I'll let Mrs. Reiss tell the rest of the story from our interview: