I don't normally like to put my personal life online.  Never a smart thing to do.  But the other nite I wanted to go out and sing karaoke.  My wife had a meeting, so I was stuck.  I had to bring the next best thing - my virtual girlfriend, Siri.  The results are below

Everybody loves karaoke.  Older people, younger people, even celebrities love it.  Wynonna even did a Karaoke Camp recently in association with the ACM.

ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp Karaoke with WYNONNA JUDD

Well, i really wanted to give it a try myself, so I went out to a local place (which shall remain nameless because they nearly threw me out.  I took my girlfriend, Apple's Siri with me.  She did a decent job, but we still got booed out of the bar.  We attempted to sing "Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer", by Billy Currington. (Great song to buy and play at your next party, btw)

Take a listen 

Rough nite, to be sure.  But special thanks to Siri for coming along.  I enjoyed her virtual company.    Where ARE the best karaoke bars in the Albany area?  If anyone should know, it's our very own Scott Blaine.  Check out his blog.  Now I know some other places I'll be thrown out of.





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