Yesterday was yet another  Earth Day celebration.  It's an important event to be sure.  It's always important to be environmentally conscious.  This was an attempt to do my part at a recent Key Bank remote broadcast in West Sand Lake

At the Key Bank remote this past Saturday they had a mobile shredding unit provided by Cintas to help the public get rid of old documents the secure, safe, and environmentally friendly way.  It's always tough to throw things away.  I'm not exactly a good candidate for the show "Hoarders", but especially when it comes to songs that I write, I like keeping them.  They're my children in a way.

But I did have a drawer full of old scripts that I thought I should dispense with, so I brought them with me, and Roger from Cintas was kind enough to dispose of them for me.  Here's what happened.

Darn.  I put one freshly written song on the top and forgot to take remove it before I gave it to him.  I wasn't about to lose an appendage trying to reach up into the machine to get it, so bye bye!

What did YOU do for Earth Day?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments below.



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