We're countin' it down.  Very excited.  I've tried to make it a tradition to rhyme some of the rules of Countryfest, so here we go, using an Eric Church song as the parody i decided to use Eric's huge hit "Drink In My Hand" from his new album, "Chief".

You can download the real song here But now, onto the parody which hopefully sums up what you can expect at this year's unforgettable event, Countryfest 2012.  Hopefully you have your tickets, but if not  they are still available. Ok, now once again, on to the parody -

Iphone (mp3) version

"Countryfest 2012 Song (Bunch Of Great Bands)"

lyrics ©2012 Richie Phillips, All Rights Reserved

parody of "Drink In My Hand", by Eric Church


Well we're getting really close to the countyfest show

And it's time to rhyme some of the things you should know

Its gonna be more fun than any human can stand

It all starts at noon with a bunch of free bands


So bring mother and your brother and your cousin Merle

They'll be plenty of parking when you get down to Pearl

At 6 pm, my friend we'll move the party indoors

Which might come in rather handy if it's hot or it pours


For kids 10 and under , outside is free

But inside the arena there will be a fee

If your seats are reserved that's an advantage for sure

If your general admission you can stand on the floor


Thats cool too -  you won't be alone

You'll still have a great view, it's called the PARTY ZONE

lots of food and drink at the concession stands

From noon into the nite a bunch of great bands

Inside and outside it's fun either way

It's the best, it's Countryfest on 'GNA