When this pandemic began and we were all required to wear masks, most of us complained but complied. While most adults complained of not only wearing masks but all of the other restrictions and limitations we had, it seemed most kids went about it unfazed.

I noticed it specifically with my ten-year-old son, Ryan. Throughout this whole ordeal with rules changing by the minute, he was resilient. He did exactly what he was told to do whether it was from a health professional, a school administrator, his coaches, family, and yes us his parents. He wasn't even concerned when they told him he would have to wear a mask while he played baseball. He was just happy to be playing. This was not just my son, it seemed as if every child was just going with the flow.

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Now that we are vaccinated and restrictions for us are slowly lifting I noticed that the rules are different for our kids. While Ryan's in school he still has to wear a mask. He always makes sure he has one with him because, even though we are mask-free, he still has to follow the rules. Whether we are running into Stewart's or going out for dinner, he still has to comply.

I started to feel bad for him. Here is a kid who did everything he was told and continues to wear the mask and I don't have to anymore. So instead of bragging about how I don't need a mask anymore, I wear it when I am with him and when we go places together. Not that he would mind either way, but I think in some way he feels like we are still in this crazy time together. Even though I am fully vaccinated, I will wear my mask for Ryan.

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