Here's an example of how one blog can lead to an idea for another.  I wrote a post about Pope Francis' little Fiat that he buzzed around New York and Washington in.  I thought it was so cool.  And then at the conclusion it gave me the idea to write a song, so here we go.

If you were on Facebook recently you may have seen my very rough acapella version of the following parody.  I had just finished writing it and hastily threw it up there to see anyone liked the idea.  I thank everyone for clicking on it.

I then put the music together during the commercial breaks of the next days SR&B show (don't tell them what I was doing under the headphones, please!)

Here's what came of it.  I have the lyrics below in case you are interested.  This is a parody of Alan Jackson's "Little Bitty".  I thought it fit the subject matter well.  Let's see if you agree.





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