You have gotta love this Pope.  He's so amazingly humble.  It's so refreshing to see someone with such immense power purposely downplay it to endear himself to the masses.  And his car? The greatest ever!

Pope Francis Visits Our Lady Queen Of Angels In Harlem
Getty Images

It's a small black Fiat, and he  was escorted all over Washington in it. Of course they were motorcades on either side of him, to be sure, but still in all - what a great show of humility (and respect for the environment as well as fiscal responsibility to the church)

Televangelists- take note. You guys fleece your parishioners so you can purchase your own jets and Mercedes Bens', and look what your "boss" travels in?  A FIAT, for God sakes (whoops! -slip of the tongue there).

Do you know, according to, that he drives HIMSELF around the Vatican and once took the BUS home?

I really think the Pope should get an endorsement deal.  He should be hired to do the next Fiat TV campaign.

I've got the slogan for him--



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