I wanted to do this just to give credit for all of the people who  responded to my request for photos of the storm this past weekend.   My old neighbor is included in this song. Their tree came dangerously close to both of our houses (mostly his - thank God they're alright!)

That was a pretty bad windstorm we had in Niskayuna,  although ironically I didn't see any damage until I returned from taking a drive to Clifton Park right in the midst of the storm to take my father-in-law home  from dinner we were having.   Upon my return, I looked at my next-door neighbors yard and thought to myself "Wow – that one bush of his is really growing a lot!".   It wasn't a bush at all. I was looking at the top of his tree that had fallen and laying sideways on his property facing my way.  Unbelievable how strong that "straight line" wind must have been for that short amount of time.

There are STILL tornado warnings as I am writing this today! Please stay safe.

All of these folks sent us photos this morning, and I thought I would credit them by posting them in a slideshow and writing a song to go with it.  This is a parody of "The Thunder Rolls" by the great Garth Brooks.

I hope everything works out for you folks and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to clean up!




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