You've gotta love this story.  Well, I know one retired principal who loves it!

You've gotta love this story. There.   I've said that twice.  An 80 year old retired school principal from Sullivan County was the SOLE winner of $326 million.

Our good friend Yolanda Vega from the NYS Lottery  presented the check to Harold Diamond, according to the Times Union article.

I guess they were driving to Middletown, NY  for dinner after voting on Election day, but bad weather made them pull over to eat at Subway.  They bought Lottery tickets there, and the rest is history.


I guess Harold's wife was in education as well. Sorry, but you'll never get that kind of money on a teacher's pension.

Isn't that a cool story? (Or are you biting your lip with jealousy?)  What would YOU do with that kind of money?



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