Legendary comedian Don Rickles, who passed away Thursday at the age of 90, got his first break while working at a hotel in the Adirondacks.

At some point in our lives Don made us all laugh, and it turns out we can thank an Adirondack hotel for giving Don his first break as a performer.

According to NYUP.com, before he got rolling as a performer Rickles worked a summer job at the Hollywood Hills Hotel in Webb on First Lake (Near OId Forge). The article says one night when the hotel's entertainment never showed, Rickles stepped in, and well, the rest is history.

Don was born in New York City in 1926 and grew up in Queens according to Biography, so it makes sense that he would have picked up a summer job upstate. It turns out that summer job in the Adirondacks helped fuel one of the most legendary comic careers ever. I am sure Don is presiding over a roast right now upstairs. RIP Don...

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