Chris Lane, Tyler Farr, some of country musics biggest fans and the staff of 107-7 GNA? If that doesn't sound like an amazing party, I'm not quite sure what does!

We all packed ourselves onto the Dutch Apple Cruise last night out of Albany and we had one heck of a Sunday Funday! 

It's something we've been talking about for months. You had to win your way onto the boat and we were going to make it completely worth your while. Not only a free cruise around the Hudson, but free food from Nanola restaurant based out of Malta, Bud Light and not one but two country stars to perform for you stripped down and acoustic! A once in a lifetime experience to be super close to Tyler Farr and Chris Lane!

107.7 GNA Staff on the Dutch Apple


Bethany and Marissa on the Dutch Apple

Doing events like this are always a fun experience. It's work, sure, but we're able to relax a bit and hang out with each other outside of the radio station studio, which is always a good thing and a rarity given how busy we all are! Plus, we're hanging out with our listeners, our friends who tune in every day and are looking to have a great time, what could be better?



I mingled, a much so that my throat hurts today! I also was twinning with faithful GNA and country listener, Mike.

Red flannel twinning with Mike on the Dutch Apple

Chris Lane was our first performer of the afternoon. On our "Sunday Funday," he was a little disappointed because his football team, Carolina Panthers lost right before we boarded, but he put that passion into his performance. He rocked through classics from Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts, as well as a few songs from his debut album including new single "For Her" and drove the ladies crazy with his "boyband remix."

Tyler Farr had the crowd singing along and going a bit "redneck crazy." Playing his classics along with his new single, "Our Town" and closing his set with "Guy Walked Into a Bar," the crowd absolutely loved him and his flawlessness.

Overall after mingling some more it was so clear and awesome to see that everyone had such a great time! There's nothing like holding an event and walking away from it going, "that was perfect!" (Or at least as perfect as it can get!)

Matty, Tyler, Marissa, Chris, Sean and Bethany

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