Around the time of St. Patrick's Day, everyone whips out their green, sticks a "kiss me I'm Irish" pin on, drinks a Guiness and claims to be Irish so they have an excuse to party hard and do the Irish jig.  However, for the real Irish folk, we can't help but feel a little insulted because there is more to being Irish or at least pretending to be Irish than just those three things. I understand it's a fun holiday and everyone wishes they could be Irish, but if you truly want to seem Irish this St. Patrick's Day, here are five things to remember so  you can fool to rest of your friends.

Number 1 - The word "celtic" is not pronounced like the basketball team.  Instead it is pronounced "kel-tick."

Number 2 - When referring to Guiness beer, when you say it is a dark,  heavy brew, in fact you are wrong.  Guiness is really actually very light tasting.  People just have this mistaken perception of it because it looks like chocolate milk.


Number 3 - When pretending to do be an Irish Step Dancer or "Riverdancer" as some like to phrase it, your arms are not suppose to move.  This is the difference between a tap dance and an Irish jig, is that you arms stay at your sides and your feet do all the work.

Number 4 - Irish soda bread does not actually have soda in the batter.  It is made up of dough and raisins, and cooked so the outside is a light brown, but the middle is still light.  No soda is added what so ever.

Number 5 - Ireland's flag or better known as the Republic of Ireland (Eire in gaelic) is green, white and orange and is featured in that same color order from left to right.  Looks a lot like the Italian flag with the orange replacing the red.


So if you are headed down to the parade tomorrow or headed out next Thursday for St. Patrick's actual day, you will be better versed on the Irish than most of your friends.  And remember, you must eat some corn beef, cabbage and potatoes to really feel Irish in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

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