I guess this fits into the "for what it's worth" department, but a lot of thoughts went through my head while watching this year's show. At times I got emotional, actually. Huh? 

I'll try to make this quick.

Point 1:  Given the right environment, even the best of our country stars sing out of tune in a live setting (#JasonAldean, #TimMcGraw). That's not a criticism, btw. I don't think any of them sound fantastic. You CAN'T. It's the acoustics. Hell, I've heard playbacks of my performances on the show, I think I sound crappy too. Everyone needs a touch-up. It should be a lesson to all of you "in the shower" singers. You might not be so bad after all!

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Point 2:  I got actually emotional when I watched Vince Gill getting emotional. I think he's starting to see himself as part of the "old guard" of country. He is getting older now. He was really hot when I started here at 'GNA. So what does that make me, then? I got a little choked up about it, which is weird, but I did.

Point 3: The award that Miranda and many others held up last night is the same damn thing that's in my bookcase. I'm not bringing this up for "bragging rights." It got me a little emotional again! It is very surreal thinking that Sean and I went down there back in 2000 and actually received the same heavy piece of blown glass (not for the same reason, of course). But it made me very thankful to have had the luck I've had over the years.

Good show overall. I guess it just hit me a bit differently. Excuse me for venting.