This is part 1 of a new series that I like to call "Radio Jobs I Don't Understand But I Appreciate".  Maybe you can relate.  Aren't there people doing things where you work that you have no clue about?   Here's an example:

Bob O'neil control room

The Broadcast Engineer.  His name is Bob O'Neal I've actually known him for years, but not  originally as an engineer.  He was actually my first radio partner in another life.  But that's another story.  Bob is in charge of - um - like - you know-  the stuff with the lights and the knobs and stuff .  The computers, the big tower out back, and all the whatchamacallits in the room across from our main studio.

Can you imagine being in charge of this stuff?

WGNA antenna
Richie control room

And Bob also has to be very aware of all the FCC rules and regulations, and has to have a mastery of all of the equipment in this room right across the hall from us.  (This is a very secretive place, by the way, but I got exclusive access to it to show you)  There are hard drives in there - I recognize those, but God knows what else! Only Bob knows for sure.  He got the power!  (Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player here)

Oh, and while he's resting, he has to take care of the computers in the building.  I'll bet you conservatively there are 50 of those at least between the sales department, production and on-air.   Some of them have the music that you hear on them.  God forbid we lose those!

I hope this gave you a glimpse of just ONE of the jobs around here that have no clue about, but I nonetheless appreciate.

I don't think we do that enough.  Maybe we should all switch "gigs" for a day and see how the other half lives!

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