Policemen and women put themselves on the line everyday.  Every SINGLE day. You won't BELIEVE how many days THIS particular policeman put himself out there. 

He's from Alabama.  His name is Captain Mike Flowers.  He is finally retiring, and I guess he has every right to after 35 years on the Tuscaloosa force.

I guess he had a great upbringing, and fantastic work ethic, because good old officer Flowers has never taken even a single sick day.  He has worked every day from 1980 til the present

He even came in after he was hurt in a motorcycle accident, according to Newser.com.  Oh, and I'm not done.  He came in right after emergency surgery as well!

Getty Images - I Stock

Well, there goes our excuses for missing work, huh?  That's an amazing feat.  This guy should be canonized!

Oh - last but not least, he never missed a day of school after the first grade either.  I am now hiding my head in shame for the time I couldn't make the morning show because my dog got loose.

Do you know someone with a perfect record? Let us know!


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