Friday Morning (January 28th) starting at 6 a.m and going on until 7 p.m., all of us from Country 107.7 WGNA-F.M. will be asking for your generous support as we host the radio portion (radiothon) for the Center For Disability Services. Our friends from Fox 23 will be joining us on the air throughout the day.

This is a local organization helping people right here in the Capital Region. As a matter of fact, I'm going to pass the phone number onto you, right here, so you can have it ready so you can please give us a hand tomorrow between 6 a.m.-7 p.m. It is 518-377-7179. With all the budget cuts going on, the Center has had their share, also. This is why it is extremely important to help us/them out with your generosity.

We all got to tour the Center, last year, and it was something I will never forget. Seeing everything they do for their consumers and the care and pride from everyone involved. Somewhere along the tour, I think myself and a few of the other WGNA air staff became more than choked up, making us want to do our part even more. Seeing their faces light up with just a "hello". There are many reasons why the Center is here. Some were born with a disability, and others who were involved in an accident, whose life change in an instant. Little babies, teenagers, adults. The reasons and people are many. These could be your neighbors, friends or family.

Besides the wonderful people that work there, there is much needed equipment. This is what part your donation will help with. It is a never ending process. This is our part.

Now for tv (the telethon)-Sunday, all of us from WGNA-F.M. will be teaming up with our friends from Fox 23, WXXA (Time Warner Cable channel 8), starting at noon. We'll have that telephone number for you on Sunday on Fox 23. We will all be at The Albany Holiday Inn, on Wolf Rd. in Colonie for the telethon portion. There will be plenty of live entertainment for you to enjoy, while helping out a great cause, Feel free to stop in and make a donation in the fish bowl. Every little bit helps.