The Racing Hall of Fame located on the Avenue of The Pines in Saratoga announced they will be doing something new to fund an upcoming renovation, and it's pretty cool.

So, the courtyard of the building is in need of some renovation, and to raise money to fund it, they will be putting commemorative bricks up for sale. You may ask: "Who will buy a brick?" It isn't just any old brick. You actually have two options: a red brick with a price tag of $100 (that is 4" x 8" large.) The other size is an 8" x 8" brick that is grey.

Now, the other special part about these bricks is that they can have your name on them. They will be placed in the courtyard upon renovation. This would literally etch your name in stone at a hall of fame. Lets face it, that's as close as most of us are ever going to get to being in a hall of fame. More info below.

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