Dense forest, rugged rock formations, streams and creatures can be found in the beautiful and vast 6 million acre Adirondack Mountains. Of all of it's natural and aesthetic beauty, what was captured on video by a family going for a hike on Thanksgiving Day, may be among it's most rare and most intriguing.'s not Bigfoot but may rival the hairy mythical beast in terms of rarity.  What a family stumbled upon during a Thanksgiving hike It was an ice circle or ice pan ; a natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates.

According, Laura Carusone, a mother of four, was celebrating her 44th birthday on Thanksgiving Day last week when she witnessed a spinning ice disc for the first time. Carusone, of Queensbury, along with her cousin Jason Carusone and son Louis Allison, went hiking on Thanksgiving Day on Johns Brook, just below Bushnell Falls and discovered the natural phenomenon. Her son Louis Allison said the place was an "enchanted forest."

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