First Robin Williams.  Now Lauren Bacall.  How many more legends can we lose in one week?  We decided to pay tribute to the latter by using her classic line from "Casablanca" as the subject matter for this week's "Write A Song Wednesday": 

Lauren Bacall's biography is a fascinating one.  You can read all about her on Wikipedia.  In the meantime, let's get to the song that our creative listeners put together in a matter of no time.   As Sean and Bethany will quickly tell you, I blush easily, but I got through it!

Your great lyrics!

Just put your lips together and blow

and let that take you wherever it goes
and if you'll  do it right  you'll shortly know
when it's good it's good so let it go
Lets enjoy the ride for a little while
So just lay back and let me make you smile
So let's get down and dirty and go a little while
I wish I had me some of that Lauren Bacall style

Thanks to everyone for calling in.

Would you like to hear some of the other classics written by YOU, our faithful Sean and Richie listeners?

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