It's not that I'm not a fan of football, I just don't know anything about it. So when Super Bowl Sunday comes around, you'll usually find me in the kitchen, except when the Puppy Bowl airs. They just announced the players and you have to see them!

Puppies make everyone happy. I was so happy when I saw on Twitter this morning that the players of the Puppy Bowl XIV were announced. The game will be on February 4th and start, of course, the "The Star-Spangled Banner." The song will be played by Jokgu, the piano-playing chicken according to Rolling Stone.

The dogs are usually rescues but this year these all rescues from natural disasters in 2017, including Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida. Animal Planet (who is the big sponsor of the event) worked with "48 different animal shelters and rescue organizations from 25 U.S. states and territories to recruit their two teams" reported by CBS Sports.

Below are pictures of the adorable players but go to the CBS Sports website for more details on their name, age, and breed.

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