Scrolling through my news feed I see an advertisement for "Pumpkin Spice Life Cereal" and now it is all I can think about besides how quickly I can get to the store to buy a box.

I am with you when you say, "Do we really need pumpkin spice flavored everything?". Normally I would joke with you about pumpkin spice flavored tacos or pumpkin spice flavored meatloaf, but dog gone it this ones just makes so much sense to me.

I even got so excited about the idea I actually clicked on the Life Cereal Facebook page to find out more about it. What I learned is not only is there a new Pumpkin Spice Life but there is also a Vanilla! Where have I been in a cave?

Well today I left my cave and searched 3 different supermarkets in Clifton Park and while I did find the Vanilla Life I could find no trace of Pumpkin Spice. Have you seen it? Have you tried it? If so, please let me know if you liked it and where I can find it.

Just so you know, I DID buy and taste the vanilla Life and I gotta say, it's not bad at all. A light vanilla taste but I would not put it in front of either Original or Cinnamon.



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