We are planning to be away for about a week during the holiday package rush. We will heed the warnings so the porch bandits don't steal our gifts. Officials are urging you to do the same. There is a major warning this holiday season for you to protect your packages from people patrolling neighborhoods looking for free gifts. A lot of these bandits are timing it out and waiting for UPS, USPS or FedEx to drop off packages and then minutes later take them off of your doorstep.

Officials say that even if you installed a video camera, it may not be enough. One man reported seeing the UPS driver drop off his package and then minutes later someone come and steal it. There is surveillance footage but then it takes time to identify the thief.

Experts say that the best cure is prevention. We are proactive when it comes to our deliveries. We usually have a neighbor check our doorstep and keep the items. There have been times that we have delivered packages to my mom's address instead to insure we get them.

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