Things go wrong. It seems far too often when someone really needs to get something right the worst happens, listen don't take my word for it ask Steve Harvey. While he only messed up the Miss Universe Pageant a theater in L.A. did something so much worse, the actually messed up the screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night!  I have to tell you I can so understand how these people felt, after looking forward to a movie for so long when the moment finally arrives you just want it to be perfect. This was not perfect at all.

I remember opening night the power had gone out in Clifton Park and for a while I was pretty worried I wasn't going to get to see the movie on time or even that night, I know how I felt and I would have certainly been upset. These poor people had it much worse they were in the middle of the movie went things went haywire. I have to say this is so much worse and mostly they were concerned that if and when the movie restarted they wouldn't have missed anything and didn't have anything revealed to them before it got fixed, I'm sorry but I get it.

Either way it looks like it got worked out and nobody got too upset , at least on video but I wonder... how would I have reacted? How about you?

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