Usually when you have to worry about meat, it's because of how it's being cooked but Price Chopper is now giving you another reason to worry.

Check your refrigerator ASAP! If you have any meat from the Cobleskill Price Chopper that you've purchased recently, throw it away! They're specifically talking 80% ground beef that may have been purchased on 10/14, according to NEWS10ABC.

There's no worry about the meat quality of Price Chopper, the meat was only recalled because of the presence of plastic from a spatula. Price Chopper has said if you do have any of the contaminated meat, return it to your local store for a full refund. If you need anymore information, they welcome you to call 800-666-7667.

Thank goodness they caught this contamination sooner rather than later. I know they say that the meat recalled was only that sold on 10/14 but personally, I may try to exchange it if it was one or two days from that too. No word on if the plastic will hurt you if already consumed, that's a question best answered by calling the number above.

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