Weather depending,  President Obama will be making his way to the Capital Region.  To be more precise, he's stopping in on the city of Schenectady.  Mayor Brian Stratton received a phone call from the White House yesterday on his cell phone.  "It's not every day you get a call from the White House.  I was very thrilled," stated Stratton.

The President’s itinerary is pretty tight-lipped.  However, we do know he will be here on Tuesday.  Obama’s last trip to the Capital Region was in 2009 when he toured Hudson Valley Community College.  It is suspected though, not confirmed, that the President is visiting Schenectady because of General Electric.

If you recall back in 2009, he toured HVCC to help point out the school's connection to GE and technology.  Since Schenectady is the birthplace of GE, it is assumed that is why he wants to visit the city.

We will have to see what the exact plans are for the President's visit.  I am sure most of us would agree, a Presidential visit to the Capital Region can only be a good thing for the area, especially Schenectady.  I missed the last time President Obama was here and would be anxious to see how to take advantage of this opportunity to see him in person. 

The last President to visit Schenectadywas Harry Truman.

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