Looking to get away locally? Trying to make summer plans with your family to do something different than you usually do? This western-style Catskill resort is making a comeback.

For 40 years, people would flock to the Pinegrove Ranch and Family Resort, now renamed to Pine Ridge Dude Ranch, according to New York Upstate. The business closed last year after owner David O'Halloran passed away in a tragic accident. Fortunately, the ranch's former barn manager Mike Offner along with some investors wanted to reopen the ranch and added 25 more horses "including two Clydesdales, a Percheron, Haflinger and more Quarter horses."

Over six weeks, they renovated the entire ranch by modernizing everything, refurbishing the dining room and kitchen as well as the Silver Dollar Bar and Bull Room Nightclub.

If you're interested in staying there with your family with an all-inclusive getaway and accommodates up to 400 people from social groups, schools, families, etc. It includes three all-you-can-eat meals, one free horse ride per person, indoor/outdoor pools, archery, bocce, mini golf, tennis, and more.

I'm so happy to see that a long-running family-owned local business like this can come back after such a tragedy.

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