Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is up over a BILLION dollars leaving many of us to wonder what we would possibly do with all that money.

"The new water park was built without using any taxpayer dollars and replaced the old spray pool that was in existence in the park since the 1940’s." Village of Green Island, 2011


It's okay to daydream, but don't forget to buy your tickets for tonight's jackpot!

Remember when seven New York State Workers all shared in the joy of hitting a massive Mega Millions jackpot back in 2011?

All seven, employed by the NYS Homes and Community Renewal, took home roughly $30M dollars after taxes, and what they did with all their money is anyone's guess.

But we know of at least one Capital Region resident who donated a large chunk of it back to his hometown by funding a splash pad/ water park that still stands 12 years later.

Who were the seven lotto winners from the Capital Region who shared in winning $319M dollars?

The seven winners were Leon Peck of Johnstown, Kristin Baldwin of Clifton Park, Mike Barth of Bethlehem, Tracy Sussman of Colonie, John Kutey of Green Island, Gabrielle Mahar of Colonie, and John Hilton of North Greenbush.

According to the Village of Green Island, the "entire project was made possible through the generosity of John and Linda Kutey" who honored their parents Edmund Ostrowski and the late Gertrude Ostrowski and Joseph and Mercedes Kutey, Sr. with what was at the time, a state of the art Spray Park, located in Paine Street Park in Green Island.

It's been reported that the family made a $200,000 donation for the park, a fraction of the $30M they won on that fateful day back in 2011, but a sizable one indeed.

Enough that tens of thousands of kids and families have surely gotten their money's worth at the water park over the years and we might even see more things like this is more 518 residents hit paydirt after tonight's drawing!

Brian Cody
Green Island Spray Park - Google Maps



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