A unidentified 'threat' made toward Albany middle and high schools late on Sunday night has prompted a police investigation.  There will be added security measure at all Albany schools on Monday.

According to the Albany City Schools Facebook, "the threat did not specifically identify a school" but police were alerted and have taken all proper precautions to ensure children's safety this morning.

The rather vague Facebook post left parents with many questions.  Some parents responded to the post by commenting that they wanted more information about the 'threat'.  What kind of a threat was it, and which school(s) specifically was targeted? Neither of which were addressed at this time.

It should be noted that the Albany Police Department is currently investigating situation and will be adding extra measures of security at all Albany middle schools as well as the high school.

According to the post, a 'regular school day' is planned for Monday, meaning no closings or delays at this time.


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