Pole closed

Since the 1980s, the area of 1165 Central Ave in Albany has been the home to two well-known gentleman's clubs.

For many years, that space was known as DiCarlo's Gentleman's Club, but last year they were forced to close their doors when the strip club was hit with a lawsuit by none other than supermodel and actress Carmen Electra who sued the establishment for publishing unlawful photos of her on the DiCarlo's website.

As a result of the lawsuit, DiCarlo's lost their insurance and the owner decided to bail.

DiCarlo's closes, Red Envelope opens

6 months ago, the former DiCarlo's Gentleman's Clun was re-opened and re-branded when new owner Rick Snowden gave the club a new look and a new name, The Red Envelope.

Lack of security shuts down Albany strip club

According to the Times Union, 6 months after reopening Snowden announced that due to a lack of security, he'd have to close the doors, sealing the deal for The Red Envelope.

The Red Envelope, which Snowden said was his 15th establishment in 43 years, made an announcement Tuesday on Facebook that the decision to close pains him, but he was left without a choice.

"Due to the multiple unfortunate incidents of misbehavior (some bordering on criminal), I do not want to put any of you or our good patrons in harm's way", Snowden added.

According to the TU, Snowden, in his 70's, moved to Colonie over the summer to open The Red Envelope. He said he was drawn to launch another strip bar because history shows it to be a "lucrative niche market."

New York in a Hazardous Orange Haze from Fires in Canada

While many of us in Upstate New York dealt with smog and smoke on Tuesday from the Canadian wildfires, take a look at what residents of New York City dealt with throughout the day today.

According to reports, air quality downstate was the worst since at least the 1980s Wednesday afternoon as a thick wave of orange smoke and ash left many from New York "hazed and confused."

On a normal day in New York, the air index is about 100.

Officials said the city’s air quality index had risen to 353 out of 500 and was considered to be “very hazardous".

And many of these images capture the reasons why.

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