Another labor of love has been completed.  It's always a pleasure working with the school – Poestenkill Elementary. As predicted, they didn't disappoint!

They did a fantastic job writing and recording their portion of this anti-bullying song that I am putting together.

Let me first mention upfront that I am working in conjunction with the
Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges as well as Rennselaer County Executive Cathy Jimino's Office to help spread the word that we Stand Up For Character, and Down To Bullying.

Working toward that end, I started a project where a school in each of four counties (Saratoga, Rennselaer, Schenectady, and Albany) take part in creating an anti-bullying song. Each school does their little piece. This week it was Mrs. Jeschkel's fifth graders from Poestenkill Elementary School. Fantastic group.

Poestenkill elementary school class shot
photo by Richie Phillips
Poestenkill elementary school
photo by Richie Phillips

Here they are, hard at work trying to come up with words for a second chorus to the song.

And now, here is their creation. It's short, but it's supposed to be. They were only in charge of working on the chorus of the song.

mp3 version (right click to download)

Here are the kids telling you who they are, by the way.

mp3 version (right click to download)

And if you are thinking of ever becoming a bully, take this little tip from the class:

The final version will air on our show and I will also put it in a separate blog post! Thanks to all!

I know this might not make a lot of sense right now, but these little clips will all be used somewhere in the final piece. If you'd like to hear what the other classes did, here are the links:



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