Did a special young girl in your life receive a Barbie doll for Christmas?  Well if one group gets its way, there will be another Barbie option:  Plus Size Barbie.  On their Facebook page, Plus Size Modeling is asking whether toy companies should put out a Barbie doll with proportions closer to the average female.  As is, the current Barbie doll if she were a human would have a 16-inch waist compared to the average American woman’s waist size of 37.5 inches.

For many years, people have debated whether the current Barbie doll promotes anorexia and other eating disorders.  The proposal of a plus-size Barbie has many debating whether the toy would promote poor health.  Somehow I doubt that, but I’m sure many may disagree with me.

As someone who has been plus sized for most of her life, I can say that I think having a Barbie doll with proportions that are much more realistic is a great idea.  Barbie already comes in different skin tones so why not have her look more like what many of us women look like?

Plus Size Modeling argues the point that if plus-size women are modeling clothes, why not have plus-size Barbies? I’m not exactly a fan of the illustration as is, but I think the concept is great and is something for toy companies to explore for other dolls not just Mattel who makes the Barbie doll.  Kids want toys they can relate to and little girls who are not so little I believe could relate to a Barbie doll with more realistic proportions.

So far, the posting has received over 40,000 "likes" and over 5,000 comments.  Check it out for yourself on the Facebook page Plus Size Modeling and cast your vote.  The image shown is actually 2 years old, but has just recently surfaced.  It was part of an illustration contest conducted by Worth1000.com, a site where artists compete in daily creative competitions.