I know we talked about this a long time ago on the show, but every once in a while I think about it and have to experiment with it.  I call it the "Google Game." It's actually very simple but also tells you a lot about people.  Sometimes things you just don't want to know, but it is fun none the less.

All you have to do is think of a question and begin typing it.  But before you put in any specifics, look at the drop down menu of suggestions from Google.  These are  guesses by Google as to what you are looking for.  These "guesses" are comprised of other peoples searches starting with the same words. I believe it starts with the most popular, and goes downward from there.

I will give you a couple interesting examples. When I type in "Why do girls" and stop there it "suggests" that I may want to know, "why do girls like jerks?" (Not a bad question really)  The second guess as to what I'm looking to find out is "why do girls hate me." (clearly,  because I am NOT a jerk)  And finally the third choice is "why do girls wear thongs?"  That is one I would not even begin to try to tackle myself.  But it would seem that  1, 190,000 Internet sites have tackled this issue.  After a quick perusal, I can tell you it is to avoid panty lines and to be sexy.  ( Maybe it will come up in Jeopardy someday)

Now to be fair , I will type in the question, "why do boys"  and see what comes up.  The first suggestion actually surprises me, its "why do boys blush?"  The answer I think I can handle without even clicking a suggested web page, it's because of girls.  The second suggestion from Google actually did make me blush a little , it was "why do boys get hard?"  Now before you snicker or blush, this is a legitimate question that some young boys may really need answers to. It is a medical based inquiry really. Now, I am no Doctor but I would say, it's because of girls.  And the third suggestion is "why do boys like girls?"  (please see questions one and two).

Now that you see how the "game" works, you can come up with some of your own.  All you really have to do is start the question and Google will do the rest.  I'm pretty sure there is a board game possibility here. ( please cut me in on the profits,  Google)   If you would like some suggestions from me, you could go with "Why is",  "How did" ,  Where can I",  whatever you can think of.

Also of note, have you Googled yourself lately?  I do this once in a while to see how the other " Sean McMaster's "are doing out there.  One is a big corporate executive I guess, and the other is a college football player. I'm just glad it doesn't pop up "Sean McMaster arrested for... "  I also like to make sure no one  saying anything bad about me.  Just for fun begin to type your name in and see how many letters you have to type in before Google "suggests" the real you.  For me it was Sean M.  (Could be worse I guess)  Apparently,  "Sean Murray" and "Sean Mirk" are more popular than I am.  Whatever.  I'm sure they are important guys but remember, they didn't turn you on to the "Google Game".