You're in a rush.

You hopped out of your friends car, who was gracious enough to bring you to the Albany International Airport (15 minutes later than you wanted) and sprint in to the TSA checkpoint.


Okay, I'll take off my shoes and my jacket.

What am I wearing that's metal? Belt, off. Watch and jewelry, off. Empty out the pockets.


You make it through in just the knick of time, but something didn't make it to the plane with you, did it?

It turns out that loose change that you may have left behind, is left behind by quite a few people. Nationally, the TSA stated in 2015 it collected $765,759 in unclaimed cash at security check points!

I've never wanted to be a security checkpoint so badly in my life!

So, what's the case for Albany's International Airport? Do we just toss our change aside and forget it ever existed here in the Capital Region?

Well, not as much as the national dollar amount, but last year it is said that $743.69 was collected in unclaimed monies. That comes down to $0.06 per 1.3 million travelers.

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