In December of 2014 the Capital Region was on the hunt for 5 year old, Kenneth White in a mass Amber Alert that turned to immense disappointment. White's 19 year old cousin, Tiffany Van Alstyne was arrested and then confessed to choking him to death and left his body outside, covering him with snow. Now, almost two years later, her mother has started a Go Fund Me Page asking for assistance.

Brenda Van Alstyne has started some major uproar on social media as she started a Go Fund Me page over the weekend, for herself to raise $20,000. The money would be to help assist her family, making note of the pain her daughters mental illness has caused.

The page had many complaints written in its comments section and directly to the administrators of Go Fund Me, who did remove the page briefly but it was back up by Monday.

On the page it states: "Mental illness affected my family tragically. Most people don't take mental illness seriously. well i'm living [proof] that mental illness is real and it's serious and is why i'm trying to raise money. The money will be used to help us get our life back some what from this tragedy but helping with home repairs and bills."

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, turned to Facebook Tuesday without mentioning anyone specifically, but obviously responding to messages he's received as of recently stating: "I urge everyone no matter what the page says, if they are asking for money to please investigate it and when in doubt stay away. Unfortunately there are too many scams out there looking to take advantage of the kindness and love our community offers."

So what are your thoughts and feelings about this situation? As of this morning only one person has made a $5 donation to the Go Fund Me Page.

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