This morning on the air I was talking to the interns about Pentatonix (who opened for Kelly Clarkson on tour recently) and how they just released a new mashup of Michael Jackson songs.

Pentatonix won season three of "The Sing-Off" in 2011, and now they're huge on YouTube.

Over eight million people follow them, and their newest video is called the "Evolution of Michael Jackson", where they do 25 different songs in the order they came out.

They start with the Jackson 5 song, "I Want You Back" from 1969 . . . do "Thriller" around the halfway point . . . and end with "You Are Not Alone" from 1995.  It's amazing and it's less than 6 minutes long!

So then, Alex, the intern mentioned that he was in an acapella group in college!  Say what!?!?!

Here's the introduction video -

Alex is the kid in the green shirt who hates trees!


Singing is one thing, but singing without any music at all is a whole other thing! Way to go Alex and Pentatonix!


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