Whenever I try to park in Albany, I not only have to park but I have to look for one of those machines, then get a ticket and walk back to my car to put it in the window. Is it hard, no? But what if I'm running to a show at the Times Union Center or Palace Theatre? Now, there's a better way!

Albany parking services has started utilizing a new app to help you park, called ParkAlbany. ParkAlbany allows you to not only pay for parking right from your smartphone but takes away any need for those paper tickets.

According to Downtown Albany BID, 12 new meters have been placed downtown on State Street between Eagle Street and Broadway. No news on the locations of the second phase of these machines. To use the app, you enter your license plate number when completing the transaction and a parking enforcer will be notified. Now, no paper and you don't have to go back to put anything in your car.

What's the worst part of metered parking, though? Keeping track and having to refill the meter! With ParkAlbany, that all goes away! From this app, you not only can watch the time and see what you have left but refill your time without having to run back out to your car. I think this app is a great idea, less tickets for us and more people parking in Albany for the businesses!

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