You come home from a long day at your job. You go and get your mail. You see your water bill and open it, only to find a much unexpected charge, like about $3,000, and this is just for two months.

I think I would be more than a little angry. There are people that live in Atlanta seeing a rather large spike in their water bills. Some are even higher than their mortgage payments on their house. One woman’s average monthly bill would normally be about $250 dollars a month. Over a two month period last summer, she now has a balance of $3,000. Her monthly water bill, in July was $1,805, and in August, it $1,084. The woman thought there was a major leak in her plumbing, but that wasn’t the case.

It seems that a lot of the problems started after the installation of new, automated water meters, that began about five years ago. CNN, whose main headquarters, is located in Atlanta, reviewed a lot of complaints from Atlanta residents as well as city e-mails obtained through a public records request. According to the CNN report, "There appears to be serious errors in the water billings that are creating huge hardships for both centers", this from Michael F. Romstead, who is the regional vice president of Mid Atlantic Mall of Georgia. "We need the city's full attention to correct the problem." The city did respond by changing the meters' registers.

I will never complain about my water bill again.