What a dud.  I think it's time we come to grips with the fact that Justin Timberlake's halftime performance at the Super Bowl was pretty ordinary.  Here are 5 reasons I feel like you will love next years Super Bowl halftime show in Atlanta. I tell you this in good faith; this prediction was made when I was on the pop station years ago, long before I came to WGNA, but it makes more sense now than ever.

With the exception of JT's biggest fans (who basically just worship the ground he walks on) no one I talked to came away from watching his performance with anything great to say.  When the 13 year old 'selfie kid' became the most talked about moment during JT's performance, I knew the extremely talented, yet often times lazy Timberlake, had missed the mark.  This isn't new news, I've been saying this about him for years.  He may be a victim of his own success; some of his earlier stuff was simply so brilliant it's diffcult to live up to.  Or maybe Timberlake is just so talented, it looks like he's going through the motions because of the effortless ways in which he performs. Either way, here are 5 reasons I feel like you will love next years Super Bowl halftime show.

  1. It will be sung LIVE.  I don't mind when artists lip sync because at times, the movement is very fast paced , energetic and the artist may need a moment to catch their breath.  There is, however, zero excuse for an artist (like JT did on multiple occasions) to hold the microphone down by their waist while the recorded vocals are belting out the song.  L A Z Y
  2. No one at next year's halftime show will be wearing obnoxious Air Jordan's which have been listed on sites like StockX for a whopping $2,000. Not gonna happen
  3. Zero point zero zero zero annoying teens with be shown taking selfies with the artists.
  4. It will not be limited to just one ego maniacal performer. There will be multiple artists, taking the stage, constantly bringing new energy, appealing to a variety of musical tastes.  Which brings us to #5 and you're reading it here first:
  5. Super Bowl 53 will be played in Atlanta, GA and it's long overdue that a country artist or artists took the stage and did a show for America.  Boom!  Let's get more specific here.  How about a show that features some of country's biggest stars from The Peach State of Georgia? This would be a Massive Country Mega Show: Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, Trisha Yearwood, Thomas Rhett, Lady A the list goes on and on!  What's not to love?


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