As a proud Florida transplant, I can say with authority, this would only happen there.

In Miami last night, former Governor Charlie Crist was set to debate current Governor Rick Scott for the upcoming Gubernatorial battle.

Now, I won't bore you with the back story of these two, but I'll tell you what happened last night.

Crist was warm and had a small electrical fan blowing up at him underneath his podium.  Well, apparently that's against debate rules, so Gov. Rick Scott refused to come out of his dressing room.

Several awkward minutes followed, then finally Scott made his way to the stage.

But first, a twitter handle was made for the fan - @CCristFan and a hashtag began trending - #fangate!

Now instead of debating real issues that plague Florida, everyone's focused on a freaking fan!  A FAN!

C'mon Florida.

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Getty Images

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