Video of some bright objects moving through the sky in Deerfield, NY (8 miles northeast of Utica) has onlookers baffled, and and a UFO website wondering what exactly it was.  In the 3 minute video filmed on October 29th, the group of onlookers marvel at the their night time discovery with "oohs and ahhs" and even "thank you's" while the mysterious lights dart across the sky.

The appreciative observers spend about 3 minutes watching one bright light in particular as it darts and moves around, at times growing in size before it seemingly disappears- only to reappear again.  I want to have drinks and hunt UFO's with these joyful people who are literally asking the object questions, intrigued by its beauty and mystery.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that some of my favorite rabbit holes to go searching down is anything UFO or Bigfoot related, especially if the claims are from here in New York.  Much to my despair, despite the influx of people taking hikes in the Adirondacks, Bigfoot sightings have been somewhat slow.

One could made the argument that lack of sightings is because even Squatch himself has been social distancing.  But that hasn't been the case for UFO sightings and this video that surfaced from an event that took place in Deerfield, NY last Thursday, provided me a chance for me to reach down into the rabbit hole to see if anything was indeed out there.

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